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Government & Civil Service

Fundamental shifts in demographics, economics and geo-politics mean that governments around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. To solve these challenges effectively, decisions need to be appropriate and  well-informed – incorporating the latest data with scenario modelling to predict all potential outcomes. This will enable governments to make the optimum policy decisions and avoid any unintended consequences. 

It is well known that bad decisions cost governments, and ultimately the tax payer, money. Knowing what tomorrow could look like is critical to making well-informed decisions. Dorey Financial Modelling utilises ‘big’ data and cutting edge technology to support decision making that is both relevant and future -proofed. 

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Government Economic Model

GEM is a ‘Smart Government’ solution which provides insight into data collected by governments. The GEM tool allows policy makers to test scenarios which may affect their population or country. The tool was designed to reduce fear and uncertainty around government policy, by giving governments ‘Smart tools’ to test various ideas around different demographic and economic scenarios.

Large corporate businesses have stock control management systems, business information software and sales cycle information to reduce uncertainty and discover actionable insights into their data. We have designed this ‘SmartGov’ tool to give governments the same opportunity to analyse information quickly in order to deliver real-time insights and put timely contingency plans in place. GEM enables governments to future-proof their policy by providing the most up to date, accurate models available.

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Modelling projects

Dorey Financial Modelling provide bespoke modelling solutions for government such as traffic modelling, healthcare modelling and infrastructure optimisation. As these projects are unique to each government, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.   

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